9 of the healthiest recipes to enhance your overall health and wellbeing

Bringing the right nutrition to your eating habits is in trend nowadays. Your food choices today will affect your health tomorrow for sure. Moreover, with this current pandemic situation around, people have realized that they have to look after the “what to eat” fact in order to maintain good health.

John polit, who has earned some big name in the culinary world with his amazing cooking skills, brings up the following list of healthy recipes. As per him, you can make these recipes a part of your daily life and think about following a healthy and balanced diet.

1 .Pea and spinach Carbonara

If you want lots of green into your platter, this healthy recipe is the perfect deal. The recipe involves fresh pasta with some egg-based creamy sauce to flatten your taste buds. John C. Polit Miami says that whilst being tasty, this healthy recipe is also high on nutrition. Don’t overcook the pasts and eggs to get the best taste and consistency.

2. Chickpea curry

Also known as “ Chhole” in many parts of India, this healthy recipe is a treat to savor. Whilst being quick on its preparation, it comes loaded with lots of nutrition. This is why it’s highly relished by everyone who is into healthy eating nowadays. Serve it with your favorite naan bread or some brown rice to get the best taste forward.

As per John C. Polit , there are random ways to prepare this recipe and you can pick the one that suits best to your style, taste, and preference.

3. Sesame chicken noodles

Even though it’s a “noodles” recipe, it doesn’t contain any unhealthy stuff within. The noodles are made up of whole wheat and bring on a perfect combination of chicken on the platter. Add some wholesome veggies to make it a perfect treat for your health.

john christopher polit further states that sesame seeds are deemed quite healthy for our bone health and blood circulation.

4. Scrambled eggs pitas

This comes as another healthy recipe that is easy to prepare. All the ingredients and steps to prepare are quite easy. Whilst being tasty, this healthy recipe is high on proteins and fibers. You also don’t need any add on as the recipe is quite a package within.

According to john polit miami, you cannot find a perfect source of protein around than eggs so this one just goes perfect in taste and health alongside.

5. Salmon with walnut-rosemary crust

This healthy recipe is another great addition to our list. Carrying the goodness of walnuts and Salmon, it packs the goodness of health omega 3 fatty acids. You can either enjoy it as a side or simply relish it with some quinoa or potatoes.

6.Skillet chicken served with apples and cranberries

If you are someone who loves to bring a twist to your healthy recipe, this one’s surely for you. Get ready to lose yourself in the tempting taste of chicken cooked in some apple-cranberry sauce. Either serve it with some brown rice or enjoy it with your favorite Brussels sprouts.

7.Thai noodle salad with some pork and broccoli

This is one of the most famous healthy recipes which got its origin from Thailand. You can get the crispy and crunchy broccoli slaw from the market and make this healthy recipe at home. Even if you don’t want to buy from the market, you can prepare the broccoli slaw by yourself. Simply grate the broccoli stems through a grader and mix it with some mayonnaise.

8. Zucchini frittata with Mozzarella and Basil

This healthy recipe works for all those who love a quick-to-make healthy recipe for breakfast. If you are not that hungry, you can even make it a part of your lunch or dinner. Serve it with some fresh green salad or bring on with some baguette.

9. Salmon tacos with Pineapple salsa

Who doesn’t love Tacos? Well, everyone does! So what if we bring on your favorite tacos with a healthy twist? Yes, it would perfectly work with both your taste buds and the healthy guts. You can make this healthy recipe a part of your breakfast, dinner, or even lunch. Even if you want it a bit spicy, you can add on some freshly ground black pepper.



John Polit Ecuador Miami is one of the best chefs available in Miami herald right now and within the past few years, he has earned a big name in culinary world.

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John polit

John Polit Ecuador Miami is one of the best chefs available in Miami herald right now and within the past few years, he has earned a big name in culinary world.