Italian Cuisine by John Polit

Italian cuisine is doubtless one of the best known and appreciated in the world and restaurants serving Italian cuisine in the world among the best famous by far, although often they have lost their ties with the homeland and the plates Henceforth have taken a local outcomes with injuring sometimes. The great strength of Italian cuisine John Polit and paradoxically also its limit, is a great diversification that symbolizes it. The cuisine of many states has a variety from region to region in variance with climate, land and the historical ones. In Italy, these factors intensely varied and diverse have brought Italian cuisine to what it is, a kitchen that is very exclusive by simply moving a few hundred miles.

According to John Polit Ecuador, The variation in climate and land are obvious, it drive from the Alps with typical mountain climate, the Po valley, continental climate the hills of central and coastal areas up to the southern coastal and regions with their agreeable climate. This contrast have a blunt not only on the accessible raw material but also on processed products. Assume of a product Used in the classic Italian Cuisine such as sausages. In Emilia Romagna there is an oppressive with cold winters excellent for seasoning meats which access minimal salts and the generation of sausages. The factor that most affected Italian cuisine is moreover, made up of continuous invasions and a high degree of fragmentation in the states and tiny states has led to a tremendous cultural diversity which has greatly influenced the cuisine of each region.

The disadvantage of not having national Italian cuisine-

The French do not avoid we have a national cuisine a true Italian cuisine but had only a strong local cuisine positioned on the grandma dishes, so good, but surely not defined. No hazard that the great dishes of national cuisine but had only a strong local cuisine acclaimed were actually simple dishes for fast food, like pizza or classic cuisine of the poor such as pasta with tomato sause. In comparison the French cuisine is recognized as a great and fine cuisine with its upper class dishes, the great pastries, great dishes of meat, great cheese or egg dishes etc. In other words, low variety with but with major pillars.

If you explore the whole situation, having a kitchen so varied and these variations can only be a profitable. John C. Polit Miami makes the amazing taste of Italian cuisine more watering. The parochialism and infighting between local authorities and small states is a issue. Another difficulty is that the arising from its approach is cultural narrowness of Italians if they are too usual in the thinking in that produces their territory and what their kitchen prepares home. This lack of broad- minded cannot do the Italians a people further back, in terms of food culture, as comparison to other countries where the several cuisines of the world have been in connection with each other by making the aroma of the public and open the mentality of the public.

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